One Thing Leads To Another


Morocco, February 2012

This week, FPR and I returned from a much-needed and long-awaited holiday. Despite all the “stuff” that has been going on, I think we both benefitted from the holiday. I found that often I needed to sleep after breakfast and, again, before dinner but was able to do all sorts of things during the times that I was awake, so the Fibro wasn’t causing me any particular problems.

During the last few days of our holiday I received a message and dealt with its contents, but it did leave a slightly unpleasant taste in my mouth. Yesterday the same issue arose again. I thought it had been successfully dealt with but, like a loose tooth, it keeps nagging away. Unfortunately, for the past year, I have been completely unable to cope with unpleasantness or stress which has meant that the current matter has knocked me out of kilter. That has affected my mood and state of mind which has, in turn, affected the Fibro. The sorts of symptoms I am experiencing are mainly brain fog – which is a nuisance as I need to sort my medication into the daily boxes – and sudden bursts of pain. I haven’t had the pain appear like this before: it’s almost as if the pain is saying “If you prod the fibro, it will make me leap up and make myself felt”. So…

I would like to send a huge “thank you” to everyone involved in nudging the Fibro monster into action: it was exactly what I needed to help dispel the “feel good” factor that I brought back from holiday.


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