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Waves Are Not Only On The Beach

Waves aren’t only found on the beach, are they? If you’re like me, your hair has waves, but waves can also be abstract (thank you, FPR for giving me the word I was seeking), like a wave of sound. However, … Continue reading

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The Lurker

Before we start, I know this photograph probably breaks lots of photography rules but I like it. I like how busy it is, how it has so many elements and that it shows lots of things and nothing, all at … Continue reading

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A Little Bit Of This

This week, Freddy Fibro seems to have settled into a bit of a routine. I can’t really say it has been bad, but neither can I say that it has been good. What it has been is changeable, rather like … Continue reading

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Waking and Sleeping

It’s very easy to become anxious about one’s sleep patterns. How often do we hear someone talking about how they “can’t sleep”? Actually, how often do we, ourselves, say those words? I know I used to talk about lack of … Continue reading

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And Here’s Another Thing

Yesterday I clicked on a link about Fibromyalgia that I saw on Facebook. A friend, who has had Fibro far longer than I, had shared¬†this LINK¬†to another Fibro-related blog. I rarely look at things about Fibro online, or elsewhere, unless … Continue reading

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Another Lesson Learned

I am pleased to say that this week hasn’t been too bad. Yes, there’s been fatigue, but it has simply been a nuisance rather than dragging me way down. Also, pain has been minimal. I should add, at this point, … Continue reading

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Rubber Balls R Us

Well, given the title of this post, you won’t be surprised to hear that the Fibro has been up and down this week. Monday was mainly up then Tuesday was down. Move on to Wednesday and the Fibro was behaving … Continue reading

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