You Have To Take The Bad With The Good


Carpets on display in Morocco, February 2012

Sometimes, someone or something somewhere (depending upon your beliefs) smiles upon you, making things go well. Sometimes, those same someones or somethings are in a pesky mood and decide to take it out on you and make life a giant-sized pain in the bottom.

Last weekend, the someones/somethings were in a good mood because they decided to go along with my plans to have a day out with my family. Everything that I did or did not do in the few days leading up to Sunday, was designed to help me manage to actually take part in the activity. I can scarcely believe it, but it actually worked! Like a dream! Woohoo! I even managed to get a little shopping done on my way home!


(Can you tell that this doesn’t happen as often as it did pre-Fibro?)

However, since that expedition, the someones/somethings have decided to use me as their personal punch ball. Their displeasure culminated in me grinding to a sickening grinding halt halfway through a little task I was doing for FPR. I must have been in a bad way because he commented on it when I thought I was still managing quite well. It didn’t take long for me to be not managing at all. Anyway, it was a price worth paying for having managed to go out on Sunday. So, it is still a…



The Wonders Of Modern Science?


Henry. A very special member of the family.

Oh, dear. Another gap in broadcasting. Oops.

In my last post, I said that, in this subsequent post, I might discuss what I thought may have contributed to the improvement in my Fibro. Amazingly, because I’m not good at following through on comments such as that one, that is what I am going to do!

Several months ago, my Baby Son (all 6′ 12″ of him!) suggested that using Golden Paste might improve my situation regarding the Fibromyalgia. He had been reading about Golden Paste and was giving it to his dogs. He said that many people use it for their own health problems. Following those discussions with him, I read a bit about it and, certainly, much of what I saw was positive. However, there was one problem, the thought of ingesting Golden Paste was distantly unappealing to me. I chatted to Baby Son again and he said that the paste was the best way to take it: the capsules do not work as effectively. The best compromise I could come up with for trying it, was for him to make some for me to try the next time I went to visit him. In the meantime, I noticed a few snippets about turmeric in the media.

Moving on from the discussion about the paste and before my next trip to see him, Baby Son found another miracle remedy. I tried that one during, and after, my next visit to him but it did absolutely nothing for me. A few days after that visit, I happened to overhear someone saying that she “couldn’t manage without [her] turmeric capsules”. Cue Bossymamma’s ears pricking up! This was said by someone whom I knew suffered greatly with arthritis.

At the time of the comment, I was still trialling the ‘new’ wonder cure so filed the information away for future reference.

The wonder cure wasn’t, so a return to the turmeric was scheduled.

I knew that I really didn’t want to try Golden Paste. Having heard confirmation of the efficacy of turmeric capsules, I decided that I would try those. When I was away for a few days with Little Sis, I mentioned that I would like to buy some turmeric capsules. We found a branch of Holland & Barrett, where I bought these **. I have been taking one capsule twice a day for about four weeks and they seem to be helping. The Fibro pain that I was experiencing in my arms has virtually gone and the arthritis pain in my shoulder has eased considerably. The fatigue also appears to have lessened. In fact, I have generally felt much better during the time that I have been taking turmeric, to the point where I had a period of 48 hours where I felt really well. Woohoo! I am still experiencing symptoms of Fibro, but, on the whole, those symptoms are far milder than immediately before I began taking the capsules.

Obviously, it is still early days and this is just my opinion, not a scientific trial, BUT I do feel as though taking turmeric is helping me. I shall continue to take the capsules and monitor the results.

The wonders of modern science? I think not. More a natural remedy that, if you can afford to (as it is quite expensive), is well worth trying.


** This is not an affiliate link. I have included the link simply to show the exact product that I have been trying.

Was It Ordinary, Or Extraordinary?


Morocco, 2012

Something ordinary happened this week. Something extraordinary happened this week, at the same time.

No, I’m not talking about the hottest June day in the United Kingdom since records began (when was that, by the way? Does anybody know, or even care?). My description of the weather we’ve had this week would need to be subjected to heavy editing, so what’s the point of me wasting the effort of explaining?

Back to my original statement and I think I need to set the scene for you. The subject bears a massive build-up. The news is of such import that several national newspapers, including all of the broadsheets, naturally, have halted their respective print-runs to quote me for their lead story. OK, I may have indulged in a tiny bit of exaggeration there, but I’m sure you’ll agree that if I were telling the editors my story, rather than you, my lovely followers, they would be sure to recognise  how important a statement I am sharing here.

FPR and I have been away for a few days this week – hence the silence in these parts. Unfortunately, the weather decided to spoil our holiday. It was stinking hot and sunny,  for the entire time we were away instead of being cool and comfortable. The result was that I saw hardly anything and did almost nothing. I have disliked hot weather all my life: it actually makes me feel physically ill. However, despite the horrid heat with the added “bonus” of Fibro, I didn’t feel any worse than I do in any heatwave! In fact, once the thermometer began to look more like its usual self, I felt brilliant or, to be more accurate, I felt absolutely bl##dy brilliant! Better than I have felt for months, certainly since Christmas!

This week I have been mainly feeling like ME! Not Fibro me, but proper ME!

I didn’t realise how well I was feeling immediately – a bit like not noticing when a man has shaved off his beard – but, once I did, it was amazing. I have been able to do things over the past couple of days without having to work out when I’m likely to have sufficient energy. I have dashed about from one place to another, filling my day with various tasks and activities and even played football (well, more like foot-balloon) with my grandsons! I’ve been having a great time!

I admit that I was tired last night, but it wasn’t the Fibro tiredness and exhaustion, it was just plain old tiredness. In fact, it felt so ordinary that I almost felt happy that I was tired!

In my next post I shall probably talk about what I think might be the reason for how I’ve been feeling. Don’t miss it.


Rubber Balls R Us


Sydney Opera House from The Rocks

Well, given the title of this post, you won’t be surprised to hear that the Fibro has been up and down this week. Monday was mainly up then Tuesday was down. Move on to Wednesday and the Fibro was behaving itself pretty well.

Peter and I spent most of Wednesday at his mother’s home, after having delivered a car-load of charity donations en route. RB (Peter’s nickname for his mother) has asked me to help her with sorting and disposing of some of the things in her home. Her health has been fragile recently and it has given her plenty of time to fret over all sorts of things – something that I and, probably, many people with a chronic condition can identify with! Although I have far less energy than before the Fibro, decluttering is one of my favourite hobbies – especially when it is someone else’s clutter! The advantage of helping RB is that, in her current state of health, she needs to be careful not to overdo things, which means that I also get to rest.

RB was so concerned about things that she had convinced herself the room we were planning to sort was in a terrible state. In fact, it was far better than I had anticipated. Most of the chaos was superficial, meaning that very little energy was needed to make a huge difference. I was glad about that because, although I felt considerably better than I had the previous day, I could feel the fatigue waiting to pounce. However, I took things carefully and managed to last the day.

Cue, Thursday and abysmal energy levels. I spent most of the day in my armchair, doing easy tasks. Whenever I moved from the chair, the pain in the thoracic area of my back (my particular alarm bell for impending extreme fatigue) came on almost immediately. Moving around also made me feel unwell, due to the lack of energy.

My goodness, those rubber balls have been busy bouncing up and down this week, haven’t they?

Friday came and, with it, an increase in my ability to do things. I was still fatigued and struggled to do things but I did manage to do a full grocery shop in the morning, which was just as well as the cupboards were bare.

In the afternoon, I was due to see my GP, Dr. Azeer. I have to give him bonus points for not letting his welcoming smile slip when I told him I had a list. It was a successful visit during which we discussed the use of turmeric to ease pain. I wanted to check that taking turmeric capsules would not interfere with any of my medication and he confirmed that to be the case. I told him I had tried cannabis oil and it had not helped but that I thought it worth trying turmeric, especially having heard good things about it from several sources. I began taking the turmeric on Friday evening so, watch this space for news of if or how it affects my pain levels.




What A Week!


What a week it has been this week! It has been full of ups and downs, forwards and backwards, and any other direction you can think of. I have had good days and bad days with the Fibro but I can’t honestly say that it has been a bad thing. With the way the Fibro has kept changing, it has helped me to understand more about my life and living with Fibro. It really came together last night. Someone asked that question that nearly all of us ask of others: “How are you?”.

I suddenly realised that I can only answer for how I am at the time the question is posed.

Take yesterday. As usual, I awoke early and, after lying in bed staring at the ceiling for about an hour, got up and had a cup of coffee. Whilst sitting and drinking the coffee, I worked on the computer sorting a few things out. Suddenly, the fatigue hit me and I started feeling very unwell. After I had slept, I still felt rough. I had been due to go out later in the day and that looked very much in doubt. Skip forward a few hours and things were completely different: I was feeling pretty good. In fact, I was plenty well enough to go out, as planned.

It was whilst I was out that I had the epiphany when asked how I was. I may be feeling awful at some time in the day, but that can change very quickly. Of course, it can happen in reverse, unfortunately, but that is just the nature of the beast that is Fibromyalgia. However, I think that having that epiphany has changed how I cope with having Fibro and that can only be a good thing.

Back So Soon?


Some of the beautiful buildings in Chester

Tuesday morning opened its eyes to see me feeling pretty well. It was a treat not to be facing the day with lots of aches and pains. I wasn’t entirely pain-free but what I had was easy to cope with. I was pleased as I would be having a busy morning.

As morning turned to lunchtime, fatigue began its inexorable crawl throughout my body, leaving pain in several places. Oh well, at least I had managed to complete the tasks I had decided upon for the morning. In fact, Peter and I had stopped on our way home to do some shopping, so I had actually managed to do more than planned. However, whilst driving from the shops to home, the pain in my arm and shoulders steadily worsened and I became increasingly weary. Luckily we were only a handful of miles from home so I didn’t have to drive for long. We were in my car so there was little chance of Peter, my partner, driving.

Once we arrived home I rested awhile in the chair which refreshed me somewhat. For the rest of the day it was ‘do a little, rest a little more’ which, on the whole, seems to work fairly well.


Fancy A Game Of Hide And Seek?

The Blue Mosque

The Blue Mosque

Do you know that feeling? The one where you are certain that you’re not alone but you can’t see anyone or anything? I don’t mean the spooky, scary sort of feeling, but more like the one where you are sure a child is playing hide and seek with you but you haven’t spotted him or her yet. Well, for the last few days, perhaps longer, I have had a feeling a bit like that one: except it’s not a person or an actual thing that’s hiding, it’s Fibromyalgia.

I have been having quite a few “mini symptoms” lately. What do I mean by “mini symptoms”? I mean where a symptom occurs but only very mildly, or for a very short time. I think the first time I really noticed the phenomenon was when Peter and I were having lunch with a friend, about 10 days ago. I had been feeling absolutely fine during my busy morning and on the drive to our agreed rendezvous (well I may have been a tad tired). However, not long after we sat down to lunch, I had an attack of dizziness. Luckily, it cleared quickly: it was a “mini” bout.

Another example happened a few nights ago. When I got into bed I found that I couldn’t get comfortable. I had had back ache during the evening but it seemed to be worse once I was lying in bed. Suddenly I was feeling pain all over my body. It was a feeling quite unlike anything I had felt before: quite simply, everything hurt. It really was a strange sensation. I don’t know how it happened, but I fell asleep very soon after the episode began. It was very curious.

I had another mini symptom today. I was preparing to cut some fabric when I had SOF: Sudden Onset Fatigue. I had to quickly change what I was doing. When fatigue strikes I have no idea how long it will last – it could very easily be days on end – so I needed to formulate a plan for what would help me most: it didn’t help that I was beginning to feel hungry. I managed to grab something to eat and drink whilst collapsed in a heap in a chair. An hour or so later, the fatigue had lifted. Very strange!

These mini symptoms that I have been having make me feel as though Fibromyalgia is playing Hide and Seek with me. It’s not letting me forget about it, it’s reminding me that it’s around and it can strike whenever it likes. However, I am coping with its game well. I am not running scared. I have been thoroughly relishing this period whilst I have been virtually symptom-free. That’s a lesson life taught me a long time ago: you’ve had bad times and you will again, but, in the meantime, make the most of the good times.

I don’t need telling twice!

What Is It They Say About “No News”?

Circular Quay, Sydney

Circular Quay, Sydney

There’s a saying about “No news” isn’t there? I expect you’ve heard it at some time or another. As with other sayings, it isn’t always correct, although sometimes it is. I’m trying to remember how the saying goes. It’s so annoying when something like that just won’t come to mind, isn’t it?

No news…

No news is…

No news is good news. Yes! That’s it! Definitely!

No news is good news.

Well, that’s why you haven’t heard from me for a few days…

No news is good news.

And it’s exactly the right phrase to describe how things are with my Fibro.

I’m not getting any symptoms at the moment. And, believe me, it’s great!

…and, breathe


I think I have mentioned on here before that I think adrenalin may affect how Fibromyalgia acts. I have certainly noticed that I am not affected as much by Fibro when the adrenalin in coursing through my body. That seems to have been the case since Friday, when I last posted on here.

On Friday and yesterday I had a lot of arrangements to make and plans to think about. It’s all to do with some emotionally charged ‘stuff’ that’s going on at the moment. I have been pacing myself: doing a certain amount and then relaxing. There were some things that I had started before the ‘stuff’ cropped up and which I wanted to complete. It wasn’t vital or even particularly necessary that they be finished, but I wanted to finish them. I am really pleased that I did manage to finish most of them. The one thing that I didn’t complete by the end of yesterday has been worked on today and looks as though it will probably be finished within the next day or so. I am so pleased with myself, that I have managed to achieve so much in the midst of the ‘stuff’. As for Fibro, well, it has hardly made an appearance!

Given that my days have been pretty full – using my brain for some things and my hands for others – one could reasonably expect that Fibro would rear its ugly head, except that it hasn’t, really.

The only symptoms that I have had since the start of Friday have been a little pain in my upper right arm on two or three occasions, and Fibro Fingers this morning. Other than that, I have been fine. In fact, this past week has been pretty good. Still, I can’t help feeling that it’s adrenalin that has been responsible for the lack of symptoms since the ‘stuff’ reared its ugly head. Of course, it may be the Amitriptyline working wonders and I rather hope it is as, otherwise, I might be in for a nasty bump when the Fibro kicks in!

That’s A Change

Fairy Chimneys in Cappadocia

Fairy Chimneys in Cappadocia

Today has been a good Fibro Day! It started early: I was awake at 3.30am and, as I was still awake at 4.40am, I decided to get up.

I used my early start to good effect. I had been using my sewing machine yesterday and, after I had eaten breakfast, I decided to continue sewing. I took a break at around 7.45am and was pleased with what I had achieved by that time. Oh, what a welcome feeling it was, having achieved something easily!

At around 9.30 my early start began to take its toll so I decided to have a sleep. Well, I had been up for five hours so I think I may be forgiven! After sleeping I didn’t do much until lunchtime but set to with my sewing project in the afternoon.

It is difficult to describe how wonderful it feels to have had a ‘normal’ day, to have achieved something significant without having to keep having long rests during the process. I didn’t finish the sewing task I had embarked upon but that’s because there was a lot to do, rather than it being too much for me to manage doing.

The only Fibro symptom I noticed today was cold feet – before Fibro dumped itself on my doorstep I hadn’t suffered from cold feet for very many years. I almost welcome cold feet now! I did start feeling some back pain. Mind you, I think that was due to the cutting, pressing and sewing I had been doing, rather than because of fatigue.

Having a good day and, actually, a fairly good week, has given me such a tremendous boost psychologically. I am enjoying the good times while they are here! 🙂