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A Little Bit Of This

This week, Freddy Fibro seems to have settled into a bit of a routine. I can’t really say it has been bad, but neither can I say that it has been good. What it has been is changeable, rather like … Continue reading

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Rubber Balls R Us

Well, given the title of this post, you won’t be surprised to hear that the Fibro has been up and down this week. Monday was mainly up then Tuesday was down. Move on to Wednesday and the Fibro was behaving … Continue reading

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An Honest Day’s Work…

Today, I have managed to achieve a fair amount, with just a short rest from time to time. In Fibro terms, I think I would be justified in claiming that I have done an honest day’s work today. Yes, I … Continue reading

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Being A Nana With Fibromyalgia

My grandchildren make my heart sing. Simple as that. However, there is one thing they should bear in mind about having a Nana who has Fibro… When I want to blow on their tummy, they should just give in and … Continue reading

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What Does Pain Feel Like?

While I was lying in bed awake this morning, the subject of pain came into my mind – not really surprising as I had been in the process of turning over, which is a painful process. I started thinking about … Continue reading

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And Then Came Saturday

After all the activity of the holiday, it was good to be home. I definitely felt the need to relax in that way which, for me, only really seems possible at home. It’s a similar feeling to the one that … Continue reading

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And Now The Holiday Is Over

Little Sis and I have returned from our holiday. Yesterday, the last of our trip, was rather full. It included a lunch stop in the beautiful spa town of Harrogate in Yorkshire. It was somewhat unexpected as our driver had … Continue reading

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