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Some Enchanted Evening

When I was a child I loved the film musical “South Pacific”. Actually, I still quite like it, and, also, Calamity Jane: “Oh, the Deadwood stage is a-coming on over the hill, deedle-e-di-di diddle-iddly di dee. Twenty three miiii-iiiiillllllessss we’ve … Continue reading

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This Week I Have Been Mainly…

Wasn’t The Fast Show great? (That’s where I borrowed this title from.) My family and I all loved it. Anyway, I digress. This week I have been mainly suffering from… Fibro Feet. Don’t know what Fibro Feet is or are? … Continue reading

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What Does Pain Feel Like?

While I was lying in bed awake this morning, the subject of pain came into my mind – not really surprising as I had been in the process of turning over, which is a painful process. I started thinking about … Continue reading

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No, I’m Not Having A Heart Attack!

Recently I messaged a friend, who also has Fibromyalgia, asking her if she finds that the Fibro pain tends to be symmetrical. The example I used in the message was that if there was a pain in the left arm, … Continue reading

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