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Fs, Buts And Maybes

In the House of Commons, here in the UK, when the MPs have voted the result may well be that “the Ayes have it”. (‘Aye’ is pronounced ‘I’.) Well, unlike the House of Commons, in the house of Bossymamma it … Continue reading

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A Few Days Have Passed

A few days have passed since my last post when I was talking about the Fibro Flare that I was having. Although the chest infection has pretty much cleared up, the Fibro Flare is still chugging along. However, it is … Continue reading

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Day 2 – The Start of a Huge Learning Curve

Well, at least I didn’t feel as miserable when I awoke. However, neither did I feel as excited as I should have. My new sewing machine was due to arrive and, in the normal course of events, I would have … Continue reading

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