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And Now, Here Is The Weather Forecast

I was thinking, only fairly recently, that I seem to be escaping Fibro Fog. I had noticed signs of Fibro Fog soon after my diagnosis, but it hadn’t hung around long. Oh, how easy it is to deceive oneself! I … Continue reading

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One Thing Leads To Another

This week, FPR and I returned from a much-needed and long-awaited holiday. Despite all the “stuff” that has been going on, I think we both benefitted from the holiday. I found that often I needed to sleep after breakfast and, … Continue reading

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Something, Or Not Something?

It’s been a bit of a break since my last post because not much has been happening, although quite a bit has been happening. Sounds like nonsense, doesn’t it? It isn’t nonsense, honestly. As far as the Fibro is concerned, … Continue reading

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Waking and Sleeping

It’s very easy to become anxious about one’s sleep patterns. How often do we hear someone talking about how they “can’t sleep”? Actually, how often do we, ourselves, say those words? I know I used to talk about lack of … Continue reading

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Another Lesson Learned

I am pleased to say that this week hasn’t been too bad. Yes, there’s been fatigue, but it has simply been a nuisance rather than dragging me way down. Also, pain has been minimal. I should add, at this point, … Continue reading

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Taking Care Of Oneself, Bossy-Style

Last time I posted on here I mentioned that I was coming off the Amitriptyline and not replacing it with any other medication for the Fibromyalgia. Having gradually reduced the Amitriptyline, I took my final dose just over a week … Continue reading

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The Radical Option

Do you ever go “commando”? Or ride bareback? If you do you’ll be able to identify with what I’m about to do… I went to see Dr. Azeer this morning – oh, and that is a story in itself! Anyway, … Continue reading

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