Fancy A Tipple?

I have just learned about another symptom of Fibromyalgia: thirst.

I had been noticing that I kept feeling thirsty and was drinking more. Mind you, the realisation took a while to register. For some time I have been waking at around 4:00 some mornings and have gotten up because I wanted a drink of some sort before trying to get back to sleep. A sip of water from a glass at the side of the bed just wasn’t going to hack it. I would go downstairs and make myself a cup of coffee then thoroughly enjoy drinking it. Usually I would sleep again after having that drink.

Actually, just typing the last paragraph has just made me realise the significance of the late-night coffee that I have been drinking regularly before retiring to bed. Surprisingly, the coffee doesn’t keep me awake!

In addition to these extra cups of coffee, I have also been drinking more cold drinks during the day. In fact, I have noticed that sometimes during a meal I can drink two or three glasses of water.

I hadn’t realised the significance of the increased amount that I have been drinking until one day last week when I received the latest newsletter from . There was a link to a by Plymouth University which is investigating whether there is a biological cause of Fibromyalgia. One of the questions in the survey asked about being thirsty: that was when my increased (non-alcoholic!) drinking made sense.

Isn’t it strange how we happen upon information? Even though I am not actively seeking information about Fibro, it seems determined to find me!