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Continued. Continuous. Continuing.

I can’t be sure whether how I am feeling is due to Fibromyalgia or simply reacting to events. Life continues to be very stressful. It feels as though it is never-ending. I am so, so tired and everything is an … Continue reading

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Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow?

It’s a while since I posted anything here, isn’t it? The reason for radio silence is that, with regard to the Fibromyalgia, things have been uneventful. I have had tiredness and fatigue, but not to any extreme. I have also … Continue reading

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Time For Musical Chairs

Life is the same, but it’s different. I still have a lot of very stressful “stuff” going on but it is changing shape. No, it’s not changing shape: what’s really happening is that one of the huge things is building … Continue reading

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New Things Are Happening

The major stresses in my life recently are continuing. The levels of stress vary but are consistently high and the impact on my health and wellbeing becomes more apparent. My mood has lowered during these last three weeks and I … Continue reading

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Like A Rolling Stone

The days crawl by. I potter about. I climb the stairs. Fibromyalgia says “I’m still here”. What little energy I have disappears without even a puff of smoke. The days crawl by.

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The Danger Period

At long last, life has calmed down somewhat, although it did get considerably worse before it got better. However, at least I have just one person in hospital now and the ‘life and death’ urgency has eased for the time … Continue reading

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Shall I Go Up… Or Down?

In my last post I talked about the medication transition process, including how long the whole thing was taking. Since then, a new twist has appeared in that particular road. Would you believe that my Amitriptyline dose has increased? I … Continue reading

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