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Support Group, Anyone?

I think I have mentioned previously on here that I don’t read up on Fibromyalgia. When a new symptom appears, I make a quick search online to see if it is connected to Fibro. When I was first diagnosed I … Continue reading

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How Can Something So Easy Be So Difficult?

The tiredness and fatigue are continuing but not in the same way as I have had previously. Sometimes, when I am sitting, I feel fine but, as soon as I try to do anything, I have no energy whatsoever. I … Continue reading

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The Danger Period

At long last, life has calmed down somewhat, although it did get considerably worse before it got better. However, at least I have just one person in hospital now and the ‘life and death’ urgency has eased for the time … Continue reading

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The Up-Side Of Fibromyalgia! (I’ll bet you didn’t know there was one, did you?)

I’m writing this post at 09:50 BST or 16:50 Singapore time. I am struggling to keep up with what the time is or should be and, as for times to take medication… who knows? I am totally confused. I keep … Continue reading

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Well, I Never Expected That!

This post will be slightly different from my recent ones. In fact, it should be brighter and more positive. You will probably have guessed the reason for e change but, in case you haven’t, allow me to enlighten you… I … Continue reading

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Fancy A Tipple?

I have just learned about another symptom of Fibromyalgia: thirst. I had been noticing that I kept feeling thirsty and was drinking more. Mind you, the realisation took a while to register. For some time I have been waking at … Continue reading

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Oh! I Remember…

Or perhaps I don’t remember. My mother is ** years old. She would be annoyed with me if I told you but, as I am in my late 50s, you may insert your own estimate of her age. Anyway (as … Continue reading

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