A Few Days Have Passed

Aphrodisias, Turkey
Aphrodisias, Turkey

A few days have passed since my last post when I was talking about the Fibro Flare that I was having. Although the chest infection has pretty much cleared up, the Fibro Flare is still chugging along. However, it is not as acute as it was last week.

What I am finding is that I have very little energy. I don’t actually feel particularly lethargic when I am sitting down, but if I get up and try to do anything I become exhausted very quickly. For example, yesterday my son came to visit with some of his family. I saw his car arrive so went to greet them outside. It was just a matter of a few steps from where I was sitting and I was soon back indoors and seated again, but fatigue struck before I returned to my seat. Not only that, but the fatigue hit me in such a way that my brain was struggling to cope with them being around. I find it so upsetting when the Fibro stops me enjoying having my family around me. It’s no fun for them, or for me and it’s impossible to know when I will suffer that type of reaction. I don’t like it and I will NOT allow Fibro to stop me seeing my family and friends.


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